Sarah Dean, Chair of West Bletchley Action Group

Sarah Dean is the Chairperson of the West Bletchley Action Group. The Community Mobiliser supported the group to become constituted in September 2013. Since then the group have been supported to apply for funding and have run a variety of skill sharing workshops, such as pottery and bread making. Sarah was asked a few questions about the community mobiliser and the impact this had had on her and the rest of the group…

What made you volunteer?

Sarah was keen to see more going on in West Bletchley and wanted to take a proactive role in getting involved and making things happen.

We supported Sarah to become a constituted group along with several other members of the community as she wanted to run community projects.

How did the community mobiliser help you to volunteer?

Mim has pointed me in the right direction- supported me to get funding, connected me to other groups, helped me to access Community Action: MK 1:1 support around laws and regulations etc. She has been my back up. I would never have known where to start. she has supported me and pointed me in all the right directions.

What happened next?

We started the group last September, West Bletchley Action Group, for skills based learning, pottery, bread making and activities for all ages.

How did that make you feel?

Having someone like Mim to call and ask to pop round, or call with a question, is so important.

You need a pat on the back sometimes, you do fail sometimes and it can be disheartening but Mim focuses you on the positive and gives you the encouragement to keep going. I don’t know what I would have done without her!

I wouldn’t have done it without Mim. I wouldn’t have known where to start. There is no manual for this stuff. A Community Mobiliser like Mim says ‘I don’t know but I will find out’ and she always comes back with an answer. Lots of people don’t know about any of this stuff, and don’t realise they can do it.

Enjoyed taking part in the phone survey as it has been her way to give back to Mim and the CM’s, people often moan but they don’t say thank you enough- SO THANK YOU!

What are you looking forward to in the future?

We took part in the MKCF Car Raffle to raise funds and we are now working with West Bletchley Council to run a Craft Fair/Farmers Market in the fifth weekend of the summer holidays. All funds from the Fair/Market will come back into the WAG, and Community Action: MK have supported me in learning the laws and regulations around Food Hygiene and other things to do with the event.