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During May, award-winning charity Create is returning to Milton Keynes to continue its life-changing work with young carers. Create’s multi-artform project, inspired:arts, has already seen the young carers contribute a new cow sculpture to Milton Keynes’ iconic public artwork Concrete Cows, and given them the chance to work collaboratively to write and record a short film.

Thanks to funding from The Queen’s Trust, the young carers will now design and create unique pieces of jewellery. Under the expert guidance of Create’s professional jewellery-maker, Hayley Kruger, whose work has been featured in Vogue and Tatler, the young carers will learn how to create beautiful jewellery pieces by manipulating wire, among other techniques. They will be encouraged to help each other master these methods and will then be able to share their necklaces and bracelets with important people in their lives, including the person they care for, or keep their work and wear it with pride.

Inspired:arts jewellery workshops will run 27 – 29 May 2015.

For more information, please contact Joe Hardy on 020 7374 8485 or email

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