During Spring 2015, Community Action: MK held an Inquiry into the Impact of Volunteering on Community Wellbeing.

We heard from a number of local groups about how volunteering plays a part in personal and community wellbeing.

The Inquiry identified a number of key wishes for the future that build on our 2013 Volunteering Strategy:

  • That volunteering moves higher up everyone’s agendas for positive reasons; the strengthening of the social fabric of our communities rather than the disintegration of public services.
  • That volunteering gives people the connections, skills and confidence to participate in the economy.
  • That all forms of volunteering are well funded because of their roles in improving health and wellbeing and reducing inequalities in health.
  • That volunteering is supported as a vital opportunity for increasing the wellbeing of young people.
  • That everyone has the opportunity to volunteer.
  • That best practice in volunteer management is boosted whilst encouraging all forms of informal and unmanaged volunteering.

“We will use the report of the Volunteer Commission as a springboard for improving our services, with an expectation that we, in Milton Keynes, can achieve the aspirations captured in the strategic recommendations. Community Action: MK cannot do it alone through, and we look forward to continuing old, and making new, partnerships along the way. Thank you to all those groups and individuals who have contributed to the work of the Commission; your time and effort has created the foundation for the next phase of robust action planning and delivery.”

Sheila Thornton, Chair, Community Action: MK

Download the Inquiry report here.

Please email volunteering@communityactionmk.org for more information.