Our Growth Team – Hannah and Josan – enjoyed a great tour of part of the Western Expansion Area (WEA) – one of MK’s newest developments. The WEA runs along the V4 from Stony Stratford to Crownhill. Once complete the site will include 6500 new homes, 4 primary and 1 secondary schools, community buildings and local centres.

James Mooney from Gallaghers, one of the organisations involved in developing the site, showed us the area closest to Crownhill (called ‘Whitehouse’ or ‘Area 10). There are already some roads in place, as well as a beautiful balancing pond which will make a lovely green space for residents to enjoy.

We only explored a relatively small area of the site but what struck both Josan and I was the scale of the new development and how quickly things are happening on site! Although no buildings are up, you can really start to get a feel for where things will go, and the sheer size of task ahead!

We hope to run some walking tours for local residents and voluntary groups to find out more about the WEA. If you would be interested please get in touch.

We are also planning a public exhibition about the WEA on 8th October at the Kiln Farm Club. This will give residents the chance to hear more on the plans for the site and have your questions answered. More details to follow……

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