Health commission: an engagement approach

ACEVO and Clinks have produced a briefing on opportunities for the voluntary sector to be more involved in the delivery of healthcare services to people in contact with the Criminal Justice System.

Insights on innovation

Action Aid UK and New Philanthropy Capital have worked with a range of organisations to produce ‘Insights on innovation: lessons for the non-profit sector’. This report aims to inform policy and practice in the not-for-profit sector by bringing together a range of perspectives and highlighting best practice.

‘My bad experience as a charity chief made me a better trustee’

The Guardian’s blog series ‘Confessions of a charity professional‘ continues with a trustee detailing their experience as a chief officer with an “interfering, ignorant board” and a call for an improvement in charity governance.

How working for charity can make you happier

New research shows that giving makes you happier, but is this also true for those working at charities? Matthew Jenkin investigates. Nesta has conducted research which uses social media data from Twitter to develop a methodology for understanding the effects of events and conferences.

Ten points about preventing charity fraud

There is a lot of fraud in charities so don’t imagine your charity is immune – it isn’t. You can reduce the risk of fraud, but you cannot eliminate it. Here are some top tips to preventing fraud in your charity.

(via NAVCA)