With over 20 years experience working with the charities and voluntary groups, we are the leading organisation on community involvement in Milton Keynes.

Community is the foundation of a good and healthy society. It is not simply a group of random individuals who share close proximity. It is a powerful force that can bring unity, purpose and action as well as security and contentment.

“Volunteers are not worthless they are priceless.”

Community Action MK acts as a brokerage service with corporates, charities and volunteer groups. An example of this is working with Home Retail Group. We provide volunteering opportunities for their staff. We were able to link a team with Stowe National Trust and in May 13 employees  spent the day at Stowe painting a bridge and were able to make the bridge look its best.

“The wooden bridge had not been painted for 5 years, it’s a really significant landmark, as it can been seen from many points in the gardens. Ideally it needs to be painted every year, so without the support of this team this probably would not have happened this year as we have many priorities to deal with at Stowe. The bridge now looks fantastic, which visitors will be able to enjoy. We would definitely like more volunteers in the future and have many restoration projects on the go and would love more teams to come out to help us” – Patrick Green from Stowe

“Overall we had a fantastic day as a team. It was a great opportunity to give something back as well as an opportunity to bond together as a team. I would recommend others coming here for a team building day” – Pete Wilks, Team Leader from Home Retail Group

If you are a business, charity or community group in Milton Keynes and would like to know more information about the programme please contact us at ev@communityactionmk.org or call 01908 661623.