Educational charity Town and Country Planning Association is researching lessons from the new towns and Garden Cities (successive governments having been disinclined, despite Select Committee advice). The TCPA feels that if the Government is going to promote New Towns and Garden Cities, they ought to be told what they mean, and be given some advice about what works and what doesn’t.

In that connection, and as one research stream among many, their researcher has sent the message set out below. It would help if as many people as possible were able to tackle the survey, whatever their views.

“As part of the study we are collecting views of residents in the case study new towns using a short online survey.  This won’t be comprehensive or representative, we just want to get some thoughts on how people feel about
living and working in the New Towns today (and hopefully some insightful quotes!).
MK Observatory does a residents survey but for completeness I wanted to circulate the same survey I have for the other case studies.

Would be grateful if you could either circulate to your local networks/groups, or send me some relevant contact details to circulate directly.”

Here is the link to the survey: