Festive Road are looking for a person, collaboration or business to work with them to set up the processes and model for 2016 and future years and work with them to gain several paid commissions for the 2016 arts festivals.

The festivals will be booking commissions between September and early December 2015. There is already a lot of general marketing, brand and sales collateral, which can be used as a starting point. The project will be from August to December 2015 but there may be opportunities to continue to work with Festive Road beyond December depending on the success of the project and the income generated.

In addition to this project they are also recruiting a part time marketing and sales specialist who will work on the marketing of the existing products; namely their fantastical creatures and creations as well as other products and services that have been identified.

The successful supplier will report to the Board, attend the Board and Operations meetings where appropriate and work closely with the internal head of marketing and events, plus the existing partners/suppliers for social media support and delivery and their website.

Festive Road are flexible re: the location of the supplier delivering the project however, there is a requirement to attend regular meetings in Milton Keynes and to spend time in the offices to get to know Festive Road, their products and services, ethos and ways of working etc.

A project budget has been set of £5,000 including VAT and expenses (Festive Road are not currently VAT registered and so cannot reclaim any VAT incurred). There is some flexibility in this but it is being funded from a recent grant.

Contact details for enquiries and tender submissions are:

Festive Road, 1st Floor, Centric MK, Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood, MK14 6GE

T: 07770 752535

E: yvette@yvettelamidey.com

W: http://www.festiveroad.org.uk