Community Mobilisers, or CMs, who have been working in the communities of Milton Keynes for the past 12 years, are due to be removed from many of their current communities from September 2015, due to cessation of MK Council funding.

Community Mobilisers, a service offered by Community Action: MK (CA:MK), are unique to this area, with no role such as this found in any other place in the UK. Milton Keynes was pioneering in terms of the approach and CA:MK have been delivering this approach for the last 12 years.

We are able to provide support for communities in a flexible and unique way. By enabling individuals and groups to access services, develop their skills and grow in confidence, we’ve encouraged local people to take action in their community and to solve local issues.” – Tim Marren, CEO at CA:MK.


Since 2003, CMs have been active in 16 communities many of which are considered the most deprived areas of the city. In these areas thousands of people and organisations have been supported to reach their potential, start up new local groups and contribute to their community.

An Open University article published in 2013 described CMs as “integral to promoting community cohesion between community members”. The paper also noted that residents, parents and community stakeholders described CMs as “the glue that brings communities together”. A recent report by Bruce Fenning, an expert in social return on investment, estimated that the CM service brings a return of at least £8.15 for every £1 invested. This means that the gain from MK Council’s investment has been worth £2.5 million per year to Milton Keynes.

“The CM programme is an invaluable service that brings people together and acts as a kingpin of the community” – Resident

With their unique model of community development, Community Mobilisers have enabled hundreds of residents’ voices to be heard. Since 2012 a unique mobile app has been used to log, report and analyse conversations with residents. Around 20,000 issues, interests, ideas and positive stories have been captured, the effect of this has been wide-reaching and influential in MK, changing local service provision, affecting local decisions and starting up community led projects.

The future is unclear for this vital provision. Many options are being explored to maintain the Community Mobiliser service, and although this may look different in times to come Community Action: MK hope to be able to retain the frontline role which has so successfully promoted community-led development across the city in the past.

 “For over 12 years communities have been energised and empowered by the wonderful Community Mobiliser service. CA:MK is so proud of all that communities have achieved with the CMs. We are actively working with partners and agencies across Milton Keynes to ensure new and older communities alike continue to be strengthened through building on such a solid foundation. We have the proof that this is a hugely effective and economic success story which is just too good to lose.” – Sheila Thornton, Chair of Trustees for CA:MK

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