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Award winning company, Festive Road, producers of the ever popular Walking with Giants parade, is urgently looking for a new work space in Milton Keynes. “Our current Landlord has sold the building we occupy and has asked us to vacate the premises along with the other not for profit and charitable organizations” said Yvette Lamidey, Chair of Festive Road board.

The company has just over one month to find a new home for its artists and all the fantastical creations it presently houses. Simon Tipping, organizer of the annual Walking with Giants parade said: “This is actually a fabulous opportunity as we’ve been expanding for a while and finding more suitable premises was always on our business plans but not quite so soon…we don’t have much time to find somewhere.”

At the moment we are in a free space which is over 25x35m (aprox 18,500 sq ft) -a first floor office floor in Linford Wood -however the space is not suitable for the fabrication work which we are doing, and now being commissioned to do over this coming year. We are looking for a ground floor unit -possibly an industrial unit which could have change of use -with large bay doors, suitable for large scale metal and wood fabricating. We need a minimum floor space of between 5,000 and 10,000 sq ft but we are able to, and would prefer to occupy something much, much larger. We would be using the space for our own organisation and would also be letting space to other makers in our network.

Visit the Festive Road website or contact them for more information