Invitation to Participate in Open Discussion on Inequality 
Chaired by Dr. Ann Limb
Thursday 15 October 2015 / 7-9pm / Free
Provoke! is a gathering of people from across different sectors and communities in Milton Keynes intended to be open to everyone from all backgrounds.
At the first gathering we bring together people with insight and understanding of inequality, we want to hear from those working at strategic level, at the coalface, and those with experience of working or living with inequality in their daily lives. The discussion will focus on health, cultural, social and economic inequality, what that looks like in Milton Keynes and what we doing to address the gap. This will be a great opportunity to meet a whole range of people.
This is part of MK Gallery’s Friday Night Film programme Division showing this autumn and is prompted by the release of The Divide, screening on Friday 23rd October. Find out more HERE.