In November 2014, the Department of Health (DH), Public Health England (PHE), and NHS England initiated a review of the role of the VCSE sector in improving health, wellbeing and care outcomes.  Its purpose is to make recommendations about how this contribution can be sustained and extended through investment and partnership.

They are now encouraging discussions about how best to do this and are asking people to complete their consultations.

Discussion paper on the challenges and solutions to better investment in and partnership with the VCSE sector – asks for views from the voluntary sector and from those working in health and social care on the current state of investment, partnership working, and how closer collaboration could be fostered.

Discussion paper on the Voluntary Sector Investment Programme – asks for views on the role and effectiveness of the government’s current ‘Voluntary Sector Investment Programme’ suite of grants.

They also want to gather examples of promising practice and evidence so please send these to the VCSE Review Programme Manager, Angie Macknight.

There are also a number of free events – face-to-face and online which you can attend to learn more, ask questions and share your views.  See the VCSE Review website for more details.