Across the country, communities are starting to take control of their own housing futures by forming Community Land Trusts. The CLT movement in England and Wales is growing apace, with more and more local organisations forming to provide permanently affordable housing in their communities. 

The pace of this growth has been slower in our cities and the journey has often been more challenging. Urban CLTs often have to negotiate complex political environments and fight off fierce competition for land. CLTs are new players in the market and are often at a power deficit compared to their rival developers. In some areas, urban communities which have been left without investment will also need to challenge an established power balance to build a stronger future for their area. 
If CLTs are to become an accepted way to deliver affordable housing in England and Wales, it is vital that they are seen to work everywhere – cities included. 
The aim of the Urban CLT Project is to see Community Land Trusts thrive in a range of urban environments.
We are now open for the second round of the Urban CLT Project and we would love to hear from you.
We are offering 9 successful demonstration urban CLTs grants of up to £10,000 each to help develop their project. In addition, successful applicants will be invited to take part in a programme of events and training, online peer networking and resource-banking to build up the know-how for success.
Funding will be available to address costs such as legal fees, support with political negotiations and finding a development partner, community engagement and business planning.
Applications to this year’s grants programme is now open. The fund closes on 2nd November 2015.
Last year we supported 11 CLTs with funding of £110,000 in total. That included Brighton & Hove CLT, Bristol CLT, East London CLT, Granby4Streets CLT, Homebaked CLT, Middlesbrough CLT, Naked House CLT, Oxfordshire CLT, Thrift CLT for Soham CLT, West Kensington and Gibbs Green CLT, and West Rhyl CLT.
To find out about the successful 2014/2015 applicants, click here.
Before considering whether you wish to apply, we recommend that you read the pages on What we fund and Who we fund to check your eligibility, and read our detailed application guidance.