Join MK Forum at 7.30pm on Monday 26th October at Margaret Powell House, Midsummer Boulevard for a public meeting to discuss MK Council’s proposed Transport and Parking Strategy for CMK.

“The subject is a contentious one. Over many years, it seems as though there is never a meeting about CMK that does not mention the subject sooner or later. Why do we seem to get ourselves in knots when we have so many spaces? Do we need more spaces or should we manage the existing ones better? Is it sensible to narrow existing bays where possible to make more spaces? Do we need multi-storeys? If so, where? How do we encourage more people to use public transport and bikes?

In an attempt to widen the public debate on the issue the Forum has arranged the public meeting which will adopt a Question Time format so come along with your questions & ideas.

Draft Transport and Parking Strategy for CMK


  1. Whoever thought up the idea of narrowing the parking bays needs to spend some time driving numerous makes of car & attempt to park them in the existing spaces, yet alone narrower ones. cars with only 2 doors are already prone to not opening wide enough to allow egress. There are numerous areas of Car Parking which would permit 2 story parking similar to the type used by Network Rail at Leighton Buzzard & Tring. may not look picturesque but if we are that desperate for parking build up not narrower.

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