Macmillan awards grants to individuals or groups of people affected by cancer, or organisations working with people affected by cancer. There are 4 different grants:

  • Start up Grant – up to £500 to support the start-up of a new self help and support group or project for people affected by cancer.
  • Development Grant – up to £3000 to improve the sustainability or increase the reach of existing self help and support groups or projects that have been established for 12 months or more.
  • User Involvement Grant – up to £3000 to encourage the involvement of people affected by cancer in the design and improvement of cancer services.
  • Individual Development Grant – up to £500 to enable people affected by cancer to develop their skills and use their cancer experience to help support others affected by cancer.

Applications can be made 4 times a year, the next deadline is 13 March. Click here for more information.