Welcome to this weeks Funding Updates, today we have a look at grants from the Wallace and Gromit Children’s Charity, Joseph Rowntree, Help the Homeless, Gerald Miklam CHaritable Trust, Heros Return, Ironmongers Company, Wolfson, Quaker Housing Trust, Charlotte Bonham-Carter Charitable Trust and Rosa, as well as a round up of funding related news and training…


Wallace and Gromit Children’s Charity

Grants for registered charities supporting children’s hospitals and hospices in the UK. The Foundation aims to fund projects which are not funded directly by the NHS, ie arts, music, entertainment, education and information programmes, medical facilities, and sustaining family relationships.

Amount: £ 10,000

Deadline: 11th December


Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – Peace and Security Programme

Grants are available to support projects in the UK aimed at working towards the creation of a peaceful and just world.

Deadline: 14th December



Help the Homeless Grant Scheme

Grants are available to small and medium-sized charities in the UK working to assist homeless people to rebuild their lives and return to the community.

Amount: £ 5,000

Deadline: 15th December

Gerald Micklem Charitable Trust

UK-wide, this funding programme supports a wide range of activities under the ‘umbrella’ of general charitable purposes.

Deadline: 31st December


Heroes Return 2

Funding to help World War II veterans who saw active service overseas to take part in commemorative visits within the UK and overseas. Veterans must be resident in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Amount: £ 8,100

Deadline: 31st  December


Ironmongers’ Company

Grant for projects in the UK that provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people under the age of 25 years to fulfil their potential.

Amount: £ 10,000

Deadline: 31st December


Charlotte Bonham-Carter Charitable Trust

Grant for registered charities undertaking general charitable projects in the UK.

Deadline: 1st January


Quaker Housing Trust

Grants are available for charitable organisations carrying out housing projects for those in need in the UK.

Deadline: 4th January


Wolfson Foundation

The Foundation aims to support excellence in the UK, generally through the funding of capital infrastructure in the fields of science and technology, arts and humanities, education, and health and disability

Deadline: 5th January


Rosa – Voices from the Frontline

Grants are available to support charitable advocacy work to help amplify the voices of individual women at the frontline of grassroots work for gender equality in the UK.

Amount: £ 2,000



Pledgit – new online giving site

 Pledgit is similar to other fundraising websites, but with a key difference: on Pledgit, the person who creates a campaign has to match donations made by other people to the campaign.  You can claim gift aid back for charities, and there is a cost to using the site. Click here for details

Changes to Gift Aid

The Government has made changes to the required wording of gift aid declarations. This allows charities to claim money from the Government (the income tax paid on the amount of their donation).

If you rely on donations from individuals, make sure your materials are up to date.

Click here for details

Changes to Tesco Local Community Fund

There have been some important changes to the Tesco Local Community Fund run by Groundwork. Changes have been made to the criteria and the deadline for round one has been extended Friday 11 December.

Open access – Projects will still need to benefit the community and be free to access (ie not subject to an entry fee). However, this may now include project sites such as:

  • projects on school grounds
  • community spaces which are for the specific use of housing estate residents or community centres, including gated areas
  • spaces in the grounds of ‘closed community venues’ such as hospices and day centresallotments (although works to individual plots cannot be funded).

Landowner permission – Applicants will still need to demonstrate that they have can get the permission of the landowner but don’t need to have a signed form at the first stage.

Project completion – this has now been extended from 6 to 12 months.

If you need any help or advice you can call their hotline 0121 237 5780 or email Groundwork 


Fundraising Responsibilities for Trustees

25th January , 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

NCVO Conference Suite, London

Trustees have a clear role to play in the oversight of funding and income generation of an organisation. This session will help to clarify these roles and responsibilities.By the end of the day you will:
* have a clearer understanding of what trustees’ responsibilities are in terms of fundraising
* understand the new funding environment
* be able to identify and manage the risks and impacts of fundraising

Click here for more information

Making the Ask, Making the Move

26th January,  9.30am-3.30pm

Voluntary Action Sheffield, The Circle.

Interested in finding out how to make the dreaded ‘ask’ a little bit easier and a lot more appealing to the potential donor? This session will help you:

1) Raise money from businesses and individuals and give you the necessary knowledge of the principles and techniques behind approaching a donor

2) It will help you devise a research and development plan for approaching a potential donor

3) Will allow you to brush up on your networking skills

Click here to find out more