Case study: Moorlands Cooking Group

Children’s Centre Volunteer

Katie Goh is resident of Netherfield who regularly accessed the Children’s Centre at the Moorlands in Beanhill, with her children. She appreciated all the support she and her family had received from the centre and the activities that were available for her to attend. Katie really wanted to give something back to the centre and the community and combined with her passion for cooking, felt she could become a volunteer by starting up her own cooking based activity.

Moorlands Community Cooking Group has now been running at Moorlands Centre in Beanhill since September 2014. Katie’s hard work in registering the group and writing a funding application, in which she was supported by the Community Action: MK, paid off and Katie received a grant from MK Community Foundation.

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What services have the Group been delivering?

The group has provided a chance for Katie and other residents to new learn skills as well as share their own cooking skills and offer peer support to one another. They have also address other local issues such as healthy lifestyles and cultural segregations, by exploring secrets of various world cuisines and broadening their dietary horizons, as well as learning to work as a team and enjoy a nutritious meal together.

Moving forward

With a need to focus on other important commitments, the group is now at risk of being stopped. Katie would now like to find a new Group Organiser which she can support to take on the running of the group. She has been really pleased to see an increased engagement from two other members of the group, Alan and Ray, who share her passion for both cooking and supporting their local community, and feels a new organiser would be well supported to continue the success of the group.  

Would you like to get involved in the Cooking Group? Email Anna to find out more.


Browse through Katie’s Recipe Book, consisting of the many recipes tried at the sessions of Moorlands Community Cooking Group:


Work to support groups to deliver services is currently being carried out through our Communities Can Project, with MK Council.