Do you have any redundant laptops or notebooks that could be recycled and put to good use?

If yes, then Milton Keynes Council’s ConnectMK would love to hear from you.

The ConnectMK Service provides a rent to own PC service  and was established in 2007 in response to the Government’s Digital Inclusion Challenge.

The scheme is offered to assist families and individuals to experience the benefits of using IT and getting online at home. ConnectMK staff support and encourage residents to utilise digital/online services to benefit their lives. Each machine is also loaded with Microsoft Windows and Office suite under the Microsoft Community MAR (Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher) programme.

One of the objectives is to enable residents to experience the ups and downs of technology so that when they are in a position to purchase their own equipment they do so with the knowledge and confidence to buy appropriately. Over 75% of those returning their equipment do so because they have now purchased their own.

When ConnectMK started in 2007 it primarily rented out desktop machines. Whilst there is still a demand for desktops, obviously technology has moved on and there is now a greater demand for smaller form factor machines such as laptops or notebooks.

Worried about your data? ConnectMK ensures that all equipment received is securely data wiped using Industry standard software.

Consequently ConnectMK would be keen to hear from any Milton Keynes organisations looking to reuse and recycle their end of life laptops.

If you would like to know more or think you can help them please contact Lisa Bailey, ConnectMK Operations Manager on 01908 691249 or email Lisa

It would be good to hear from you.