Welcome to your weekly funding update, a mix of grant information and general funding news. If you would like a 1:1 funding support visit and funding searches specifically for your organisation please drop me a line.

Elephant Trust


The Trust awards grants to artists, small organisations and galleries within the United Kingdom to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when frustrated by lack of funds.

Amount: £2,000

Deadline: 18th January




Youth Music Programme


Financial assistance is available to increase the number of children and young people across England that have the opportunity to take part in high quality musical activities.

Amount: £ 200,000

Deadline: 22nd January



SITA Trust Enhancing Communities Programme – Primary Fund


Grants are available to non-profit making organisations in qualifying areas of England, Scotland and Wales for improvements to local community facilities, historic buildings and structures, sport and recreation facilities.

Amount: £ 50,000

Deadline: 25th January



Postcode Community Trust

The Trust funds projects that help communities to overcome barriers to participation in creative and sustainable ways, and increase social cohesion through developing access to community facilities and activities.

Amount: £500 – £20,000

Deadline: 29th January


The Will Trust

The Trust makes grants to registered charities whose activities fall within the following three categories:

care of and services for blind people;
long-term care of people with learning disabilities
care of and services for people suffering from cancer, and their families

Amount: £5,000 – £20,000

Deadline: 31st January



Anchor Foundation

The Foundation makes grants  to Christian charities in the UK for projects that encourage social inclusion through ministries of healing and the arts.

Amount: £500 – £10,000

Deadline: 31st January



Feminist Review Trust

Grants are available for projects in the UK and internationally that transform the lives of women.

Amount: £ 15,000




UK Youth and Starbucks: Youth Action Grants
Grants to inspire and empower young people to make a difference in their communities. Two young people need to lead the project and engage a further 50 young people throughout the course of the project. The young people will need to have a youth worker/training organisation able to support them throughout the project.
Amount: £1,000
Deadline: 7th March

Transform Foundation
Grants for designing a new website to increase income and impact for registered charities with an income below £30 million. You will need to work with Raising IT, the partners in the grant process.There is a short questionnaire to complete on the website, then for eligible applicants there will be an interview with Raising IT, who will submit the application.
Amount: £18,000

Toy Trust
The Toy Trust gives grants  to help disadvantaged and disabled children and their families.
Amount: £5,000


Geovation Challenge


Competition offering cash prizes for the most innovative ideas that can be turned into a commercial success. The 2016 Geovation Challenge question is ‘How can we better manage water in Britain, sustainably?’

Amount: £ 20,000

Deadline: 27 Jan 2016



Breakfast Clubs – training and grants package

Kellogg’s has teamed up with charity Forever Manchester and Northumbria University to provide free online training to help you run a successful breakfast club.  Your breakfast club must already be set up and based in a school or community organisation and helps disadvantaged children. You can apply for this training up until 31 July 2016. Breakfast clubs who have successfully completed the training will be eligible to be assessed for further support from Kellogg’s, in the form of a sustainability grant to the value of £400.


Events and Training


Fundraising Responsibilities for Trustees

25 January 9.30 – 4.30
NCVO Conference Suite, London

Trustees have a clear role to play in the oversight of funding and income generation of an organisation. This session will help to clarify these roles and responsibilities. Click here for more information


Making the Ask, Making the Move

26th January  9.30 – 3.30
Voluntary Action Sheffield

Need some help with approaching businesses and/or individuals for donations?   Don’t put off getting help any longer. This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore the principles behind and techniques for asking businesses and individuals for financial or in kind support. Click here for more information

Building a Successful Consortium

29th January  9.30 – 4.30
Location NCVO Conference Suite, London N1

This one day training course will be an intensive day outlining everything that you will need to do or think about in order to establish a voluntary-sector consortium. Click here for more information.



Acknowledgement:  SYFAB and Funding Central