MK Soup is a social enterprise which supports social enterprises- with soup!

Based on the Detroit Soup model, MK Soup is a meeting place for people who would like to make the world a better place- whether through food, community action, sustainability or another idea. MK Soup is organised by the MK Food Revolution and the MK Christian Foundation. On the night of MK Soup you buy a £5 ticket for a bowl of soup and in return, you get to listen to four people pitch their community ideas. At the end of the night, the crowd votes for its favourite idea and the winner takes the profit of the night. Two months later, the group then hears back about what has been achieved with the money.

However, the Soup project is much more than just a crowdfunder for social projects. It offers you the opportunity to meet other people who would like to make a difference, raises money in a very organic way and emphasis what brings us all together: Good food! Recently the BBC has written a great article about Sheffield Soup. MK Soup are currently looking for people who would like to raise money for their projects so make sure to register here!

The first MK Soup is currently being planned for January 22nd at 7pm at MK Christian Foundation in Wolverton. If you are a local charity, community group or social enterprise, submit your project above and MK Soup will let you know a week before the event whether you have been selected to speak on the evening. You get 10 minutes for your pitch and can hand out flyers on the night, too. They can only ever select four projects so if they are not able to include you for the January soup, they might be able to fit you in in the future! If you have any questions get in touch via MK Food Revolution.