This is your weekly funding update, a mix of grant information and general funding news. If you would like a 1:1 funding support visit and funding searches specifically for your organisation please drop me a line.




Rowing Foundation


Grants to support rowing in Britain with preference shown to encouraging participation in rowing by the young or disabled through the provision of equipment.

Amount: £ 3,000

Deadline: 8th February



DM Thomas Foundation for Young People


The Foundation aims to make a real difference to those most in need. It supports projects within the UK and Ireland that focus on Young People and Education, and Young People and Health.

Amount: £ 30,000

Deadline: 9th February



Arts Unlimited

The Unlimited (III) fund from Arts Council England will support the development, commissioning and presentation of a range of new works by deaf and disabled artists. £1.8 million is available over four years, but there are no set limits to grants. To be eligible organisations must have an annual turnover of over £800,000 and must evidence a track record in leading and coordinating commissioning and artists’ development programmes.

Deadline: 11th February




Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation


Grants are available to UK charities that help to promote peace and security, and environmental sustainability.  The Foundation supports projects that seek to influence values and attitudes, promote equity and social justice, and develop radical alternatives to current economic and social structures.

Amount: £ 15,000

Deadline: 15th February



Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust


To further the advancement of horticulture in the UK and abroad, grants are available for projects in support of horticultural research, the creation, preservation and maintenance of public gardens, publication of books on horticulture, study visits, plant collecting expeditions and training schemes for gardeners.

Amount: £ 5,000

Deadline: 15th February



Catalyst: Evolve


Match funding is available to support arts organisations that have recently begun to fundraise to achieve step change in their ability to earn philanthropic income.

Amount: £ 150,000

Deadline: 19th February



UK Aid Match

This scheme matches UK Overseas Aid money to public donations made to charity appeals for projects to reduce poverty in developing countries. The minimum eligible amount is £100,000. There will be 2 funding rounds each year, with up to £20 million in each round.


Deadline: 29th Feb 2016.




The Yapp Charitable Trust

Offers grants for running costs for registered charities with a total annual expenditure of less than £40,000. Priorities are elderly people, young people aged 5 – 25; People with physical impairments, learning difficulties or mental health challenges; people trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social origin; education and learning

Amount: up to £3,000



Grow for it…

Have you got a brilliant idea to communicate the importance of native wild flowers and wild spaces in a creative way? Are you aged  between 12 to 25?  You could win £500 to bring your creative ideas to life!

Want to create a piece of wild flower-inspired visual or perfromance art? Apply now for our Get Creative award. Or do you want to work with others to help transform a local space with native plants and wild flowers? Apply now for our Transform a Space award. It’s easy to apply – click the links above to find out more and view our simple application forms.

To apply for a Grow For It! award you must be known to an educational institute or youth/community/voluntary/sport organisation that can receive the £500 award on your behalf.

Click here for more information

Top Tips for Crowdfunding

UK’s leading community crowdfunders have put together some top tips for crowdfunding for your organisation.  95 Tips includes information on what make a great crowdfunding target, how to create rewards for supporters, how to make videos for promotion and how to utilise social media and marketing skills for the best support – including many other sections on the crowdfunding journey.


How to Engage with Clinical Commissioning Groups

Compact Voice, who encourage good relationships between the voluntary and community sector and public bodies, have published a guide to working with local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).If you feel your organisation could benefit from making links, this guide explains what a CCG is, how it work, and how you might link with them.At a time when a lot of health bodies are beginning to recognise the health benefits that community activities can deliver, this might be useful.




Funding Forum – Property management

Wednesday 9 Mar 2016 10:00- 2:00 

Scotia Works, Leadmill Road, Sheffield S1 4SE

This free training is designed to give a jargon free, accessible introduction and overview of the basics of managing a building. It will cover: Saving money on your premises costs; planning maintenance effectively; building management processes; compliance; legal issues; risk assessment; greening your workplace; managing tenants

The half day training session will be followed by lunch, then from 2 – 5pm a property advice clinic to give you the chance to have a 20 minute session with an adviser on an individual basis.


If you would also like to book an individual appointment in the afternoon session, please email