global givingGlobalGiving UK is running crowdfunding training for small charities across England February – June 2016. Supported by the Cabinet Office we want to help you to successfully crowdfund and raise important funds for your work.

What is crowdfunding? It is a great way for small charities to raise money online for specific projects and build their supporter base for the long term.

Webinars are an excellent way to gain knowledge and skills without having to leave your seat! For a quick and easy introduction to Crowdfunding & Online Fundraising sign up below. They give you the basics on what it is and how to start thinking about this type of fundraising for your charity. You can join a webinar from anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet access. All webinars start at 10am and last approximately 1.5 hours.

Webinar: 3rd March 2016 Sign up

Webinar: 24th March 2016 Sign up

Webinar: 6th April 2016 Sign up

Webinar: 13th April 2016 Sign up

Webinar: 28th April 2016 Sign up

Webinar: 11th May 2016 Sign up

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  1. Hello, As an EMDR therapist I am very aware of the effectiveness of this approach for PTSD and other problems. It is recommended by NICE but there does not seem to be any on offer or very little within the NHS. It would be more cost effective rather than guiding them down the mental health route. There does not appear to be any funding available to offer clients this service.
    Kind regards
    Pat Ford

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