Have you ever thought about helping out with the local youth service?


The Milton Keynes Youth Service provide support for young people primarily aged 13-19 in Milton Keynes ensuring they have the information, space and guidance to lead safe and healthy lives. 2000px-Ambidextrie.svg

They are looking for volunteers to get involved in a variety of different ways. This could be your chance to share your skills with young people in your community.

Below are some opportunities currently available, click on the link to find out more:

Basketball Coach for Rural MK

Basketball Coach in Eaglestone

Cook/Chef in Coffee Hall

Healthy Cooking Session Leader

Cultural Cooking Session Leader

Woodworking/Carpentry Skills Share

Music Leader

Angling Club Skills Share

Photography/Filmography Skills Share

Youth Club Volunteer


Want to know how to get involved? 

There are 2 ways you could sign up to find out more about volunteering:

  1. Visit do-it.org or the link above and register your interest there.
  2. Visit our regular drop in, every Thursday, 10-12am, Acorn House Reception, Midsummer Boulevard, MK9 3HP.

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