hummingbird-150067_640We have been supporting a group to develop, Parents of Hummingbirds, that will support and influence the running of Hummingbirds Children’s Centre in Broughton.

The main aim of the group is to raise funds for the Children’s Centre through events and activities and once more established, will be able to raise funds through funding applications to support the work of the Centre. The members of this group may also be able to help influence their local service, making the service the best it can be for the local community.

Community Action: MK have been supporting the group through the Communities Can project (part of MK Councils Community and Cultural Services Review). We have been helping the group develop their ideas, gain new skills and confidence and have been recording their thoughts along with others to feed into the Council’s review. We have also been able to link this group to other ongoing local support offered by Community Action: MK’s Expansion Area Community Mobiliser and Support & Development team.

We supported the group’s Christmas event for fundraising where they were able to raise £165.00 and since then have given advice on setting up/formalising a group, promoting their events, and about available relevant training. This has helped them develop their ideas for the upcoming table top sale being arranged later this month.