By Emma Robinson | Patient Experience Lead | NHS England South (South Central)

Patients, professionals and the public working together to improve care

Would you like to understand and show how patients, carers and the public can contribute meaningfully to the NHS?

Would you like to help create sustainable change through effective collaboration?

If “YES!” then the Leading Together Programme is for you!


What is the Leading Together Programme?

Leading Together is a three-day programme that will support 120 health professionals and lay people to develop genuine partnerships that will make a difference to their local health organisations and communities. The programme will increase the number of lay partners and professionals who are actively working together to improve healthcare and research.

We are inviting applications to be part of this innovative new programme across the South of England  – patients, carers, members of the public, clinicians, researchers and managers can all apply.

This is not the kind of programme where you will just sit and listen to people telling you what to do. We will invite you to think and talk about the concepts, try out some skills, reflect on your experience, test out your ideas and work together on a project to make a difference in your community.


How much does it cost and what is the commitment?

There is no charge for the programme. If you are a lay person we can cover your travel expenses. If you are a professional, you will need permission from your organisation/line manager to release your time and cover your travel expenses.

The programme consists of three one-day workshops spread over three months. You will need to commit to attending all three workshops.


What are the benefits of the programme?

This programme will help to:

  • Develop your strategic leadership skills
  • Develop your skills in collaborative working
  • Build collaborative networks
  • Put your learning into action with a local project

The Programme is designed and delivered by leadership professionals and people who have regularly used health services.


How can I find out more, or register my interest in participating?

If you would like to find out more information please visit:

The Programme is funded by NHS England, Oxford Academic Health Science Network and Health Education Thames Valley, and run by The Performance Coach