R.N.I.B. MK is a local group of the Royal National Institute of the Blind

The services offered by R.N.I.B. and their activities touch the life of every person with challenging eyesight.  Yet, many do not know it.  Thus they miss out on the services they can benefit from.

The local group was set up in 2014 to publicise the services offered by the organisation and to campaign for the welfare of the visually impaired in the city.  RNIB MK usually meet on the third Monday of the month every three months, i.e., January, April, July and October.

RNIB MK are looking for volunteers with empathy for the visually impaired and that are willing to spare an hour or two  per month.

RNIB MK need volunteers for:

  1. Secretarial help
  2. Help with preparing and serving refreshments
  3. Setting up meeting room with furniture, literature, etc
  4. Help with occasional fundraising activities
  5. To serve on the management committee

For further information, please contact:

Padma Cheriyan

Volunteer Campaign Coordinator for R.N.I.B. in Milton Keynes

E: pscheriyan@gmail.com

T:01908 377058

M:07429 154 931