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Image courtesy of MK Council

Community Action: MK is funded to deliver a Community Involvement project in the ‘tariff’ expansion areas in Milton Keynes. These areas include:

  • Broughton Gate and Brooklands (known as the Eastern Expansion Area)
  • Whitehouse and Fairfields (known as the Western Expansion Area)
  • Tattenhoe Park and Kingsmead South
  • Strategic Land Allocation (land to the south-east of the city)

The aim of our work is to get residents of these new areas more active and involved in their community, and support the integration of these areas into the wider city.

We have just published an update on the activities we supported in 2015. Click here to view this report.

We also publish quarterly reports on what residents in the Expansion Areas are talking to us about. This information can be used to help get a flavour of the issues and interests of the community, and can help those involved in these new areas to shape their services. These reports are also available on the ‘Expansion’ section of our website.

If you would like to find out about these new communities, please contact our Growth Officer, Hannah Mills.