Unltd are the leading supporters for social entrepreneurs in the UK.

Unltd are seeking social entrepreneurs with great ideas. If you are a social entrepreneur seeking funding or wanting to test out an idea, Unltd have awards that may be right for you. There are three options they currently offer:

  1. £500 – Try It Award
    This is a one-off award if you are attempting something for the first time.
  2. £5,000 – Do It Award
    This Award is to help you tryout your idea.
  3. £15,000 – Grow It Award
    This Award focuses on helping you on your venture to help make it sustainable.

Recipients will gain funding and a package of support.

*These rewards are not rolling. 

For more information and to find the right award for you, visit: https://unltd.org.uk/path/

We, at Community Action: MK, would love to hear your ideas. Contact Tariq at tariq@communityactionmk.org