60 Argos Store Managers help support various causes across Milton Keynes

Community Action: MK work with Argos to deliver their employee volunteering programme, where staff volunteer some of their work time on helping local causes. On Monday 23rd May, 60 Argos Store Managers went out to various places across the city. They supported Willen Hospice, Stanton School, The British Red Cross, MK Snap, Coffee Tots Pre-School, The Urb Farm and York House in Stony Stratford. On this occasion the projects were also lucky enough to receive a cheque from the teams towards their work. Check out some of the images and quotes from the day…

Urb farm

Stanton School

“It’s amazing that the volunteers have achieved so much in just 4 hours. We are always delighted to have volunteers at Stanton School” ­ Helen Nicholson, Headteacher Stanton School

“I’ve really enjoyed volunteering today. It’s an easy project to do and I can see how this can relate back to my area back home” Emma, Argos Volunteer


Willen Hospice

“WOW! Not only have we had the fantastic assistance of 10 volunteers today that have helped us in the Furniture store and warehouse…BUT they have also given us a total of £200 donation for the hospice!” Bob Prince, Distribution & Store Manager at Willen Hospice


MK Snap

“It’s a great idea to take part in volunteering like this. We can take these ideas back to our areas and encourage others”Debbi, Argos Volunteer
“I wouldn’t think of arranging an activity like this. We have 10,000 volunteering hours to use; this is a way to use them productively” Yu Ming, Argos Volunteer
British Red Cross

British Red Cross

“This opportunity is bringing on a fuzzy feeling. It’s always good to have fuzzy feelings!” Argos Volunteer
“It’s great to be out doing something that is not for profit but making a real difference” Argos Volunteer
“This is the first time meeting the team, feel as though we are really bonding” Argos Volunteer
“We were struck by the energy and enthusiasm the group had, and their interest in the project. They enjoyed getting stuck into the tasks, but also asked a lot about how volunteers work and some of the ways tending the plot helps our clients. We were also not expecting such a kind donation, this will really motivate our volunteers and help clients plan to grow what they would like to see grow.” Kerri, British Red Cross

If you would like to find out more about how your staff could get involved in our employee volunteering programme, or if your charity could use teams of volunteers, contact us on ev@communityactionmk.org.