The MK Hackathon project are looking for people to take part in the MK Hackathon.

The event, based around developing an app, takes place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June and brings together computer programmers, designers, and users to solve the problem of redway navigation.

The MK Hackathon app is being developed following community feedback that the redways are difficult to navigate. The app should provide residents and visitors an easy-to-access solution to the problem.

Neil Smith of The Open University said: “Through my work on the MK:Smart project it has become clear that making Milton Keynes a smarter city could help use the redways better.

“The hackathon is an exciting opportunity to be part of something truly innovative. By harnessing the skills of computer experts we should develop a pioneering solution to a recognised problem.”

The MK Hackathon is an initiative organised in conjunction with The Open University, Cranfield University, Milton Keynes based software house Juxt, and Milton Keynes based UX designer/developer Jessica Lovegood.

For more information and to sign up to take part please visit www.mkhackathon.org. Everyone is welcome!