Have you had experience of Advocacy services? Milton Keynes Council wants to know what you think about advocacy services in Milton Keynes.

What do advocates do?

Advocates are independent and they work for you. Social services and the NHS pay for advocates to help you make decisions about your care and treatment. This means that they can support you to have a say if you are not happy with your care.

Advocates can help people in many ways, for example they will:

  • Talk to you to find out what you want and how you feel
  • Listen to you
  • Find information to help you make choices.
  • Talk to other people or organisations for you.
  • Help you say what you think about your care or treatment.

Advocates will ask you if you want help and it is OK to say yes or no. They will only talk to other people when you want them to or if you or someone you know might get harmed in some way.

We would like to hear from service users

We would like people who have used an advocate in Milton Keynes to tell us:

  • What worked well
  • What did not work well
  • If there was anything about advocacy services that could be improved

If you would like to talk to us about advocacy services either one-to one or by attending a group discussion please e-mail Joint.CommissioningUnit@Milton-keynes.gov.uk  by Monday 5th December 2016 and a member of the Joint Commissioning Team will contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.