Milton Keynes Business Council are committed to providing the best service to to their customers. They achieve this by working closely with residents, communities and voluntary organisations. Through this relationship, Milton Keynes Council is best able to support and encourage involvement of these groups in expressing their views, participating in decisions, have more control over the services being delivered and creating a system of involvement in monitoring services being provided.

More information on this commitment by MKBC can be found on their website.

Click on the projects listed below to find out more about what has been  at the forefront in November 2016:

  1. Wolverton Mill Site G
  2. Proposed Amendments to the Scheme of Delegation and Constitution
  3. Sheltered Housing – Consultation on Charging
  4. Site Allocations Plan – Proposed Submission (Draft)
  5. Brooklands Health Centre Consultation
  6. A strategy for Meeting Statutory Housing Need

For information on all planning applications, please go to This is a public access system.