We’re back to sharing stories about amazing volunteers giving their time in Milton Keynes. This spotlight is on Ros McFadden, who is supporting breastfeeding across MK.

Ros is an Infant Feeding Lead Midwife at Milton Keynes University Hospital and is extremely keen to promote the benefits of breastfeeding. As a volunteer, she decided to apply to the Our MK initiative for funding to help her develop a mobile phone app to promote breastfeeding.

Alongside producing text and videos around why you should breastfeed, how to breastfeed, how to express and Frequently Asked Questions, the app will also contain details of who can help in the local area. The most innovative part of the app will be a map detailing the best locations in Milton Keynes to breastfeed using crowdsourced reviews. Ros has been instrumental in recruiting volunteer app developers, producing the material needed and in bringing the project to fruition.


Ros has used her annual leave and spare time to pursue developing the app. Due to her expertise in the area, she sees the real need for an app to promote breastfeeding with the number of people starting breastfeeding fairly reasonable (80%), although continuation rates are low (usually drop to 40% after two weeks). While aspects of the app are not unique, taken as a whole it is particularly innovative, with no single app offering both detailed information, contact details and a handy map of suitable locations.

Ros is already starting to explore options for promoting the app and ensuring that it continues well beyond the end of her Our MK funding.

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