Love Milton Keynes is a new organisation, set up in 2016, with a mission to bring the best of Milton Keynes to residents, visitors and businesses, so that they can love being part of our city.

The magazine has been set up with a view to reach a wider audience (beyond just their own social media channels) to help them achieve their mission of spreading ‘love’ throughout MK. It has a number of purposes:

– To give readers an insight into different areas of Milton Keynes life

– To offer top tips and information so that visitors, residents and businesses can use to get the best out of Milton Keynes

– To help businesses grow by offering extremely affordable advertising space in the magazine, along with a business column to show case some of Milton Keynes’ best business stories

– To allow charitable or not-for-profit organisations reach out to the MK community for support.

The magazine will be released on a monthly basis, with the next issue due at the beginning of February and it is completely free to subscribe.

Follow the links if you are interested in:

Subscribing to the magazine –

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