Milton Keynes Council – Delegated Decisions Meeting 07/02/2017

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) has proposed that play areas and open spaces currently owned by MKC be offered for potential transfer under a freehold arrangement to Parish and Town Councils.

In order to transfer play areas and open spaces, requests will be carried out through a Fast Track Community Asset Transfer (This Community Asset Transfer is in keeping with the Cabinet’s decision of 9th November 2015).

Please keep in mind:

  1. This is only applicable to Parish and Town Councils.
  2. Formal approval must be sought per the 9th June 2015 decision for any transfer.
  3. The aim is to make the legal transaction less onerous on the transferee (Parish and Town Council).
  4. The approach is designed for transparency.
  5. Following formal approval and expression of interest, property will be rated by:
         A. Savings Achieved;
         B. Level of Interest Shown Parish by Parish.
  6. MKC’s objective is to save costs.
  7. No conditions exist but for those of Safety Standards to be met.
  8. Transfer of Freehold would mean Parish and Town Council takes ownership of the play area/ open space. The Parish or Town Council would then be responsible for maintaining the Safety Standards (bearing the cost).
  9. MKC has always aimed to ensure a balance between quality, quantity and accessibility (per the Play Area Action Plan 2013-2023).
  10. MKC hopes to ensure resource allocation is met more effectively under these proposals.

For further information, committee details, appeals process, full documentation and required forms, please follow the link below.

Delegated Decisions Agenda Document Pack

Alternatively, visit the Milton Keynes Council website for further information.

Milton Keynes Council Delegated Decisions Webpage.