We Own It are a campaigning organisation who believe that public ownership is better than privatisation.

They believe public services make life better for everyone, from the NHS to transportation, there is a strong case for public ownership over privatisation.

In their latest newsletter, they are campaigning against privatisation of energy. They want you to consider public ownership of energy! Switch to Bristol Energy, Our Energy and Robin Hood Energy.

To make it easier, they tell you how!

To tell you more, Robin Hood Energy were set up by Nottingham City Council in 2015. They were the first local publicly owned energy company that is open to customers across the UK.

Find out more by visiting the links:

Read about Bristol Energy – and switch (anywhere in the UK)
Read about Our Energy – and sign up in the next 10 days (anywhere in the UK)
Read about Robin Hood Energy – and switch (anywhere in the UK)
Switch to Our Power (Scotland only)
Switch to White Rose Energy (Yorkshire and Humber only)