Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action have spaces available on two valuable training sessions.

They are:

  1. Developing a Consortium: An Introduction

As funding becomes increasingly harder to access, it is becoming more important for small and medium sized organisations to work together to bid successfully for grants. This course will introduce you to the 10 stages of consortium development and show you what the outcomes should be.

What will I learn?

By the end of this session you will:
•Scoping and planning before you start your consortium
•The formation of a working group
•Development of funding
•Stakeholder engagement
•Operational development and consortium documentation
•Incorporation and establishment of an interim board
•Membership recruitment and due diligence
•Setting up of a central management hub
•Bidding for and winning contracts
•Service delivery

Trainer Details
Following a career spanning 30 years as a teacher, musicians and academic, Gillian Warson decided to move into the voluntary sector. She brings a wealth of training experience having worked with learners from many backgrounds including students, offenders and those with learning difficulties. As Collaboration and Communications Officer at OCVA, Gillian has an in-depth knowledge of groups in Oxfordshire and works with networks across the sector.

Thursday 9th March 2017, 10am to 5pm. OCVA. £70 to £80.

Book Now: https://ocva.org.uk/developing-a-consortium/


        2. Developing a Fundraising Plan

This course is fundamental for heritage organisations undertaking fundraising on a small or large scale. Throughout the day, learners will be introduced to a structured model that can be used to develop bespoke fundraising plans to meet any fundraising need. The course will offer practical guidance on how to create and implement the plan.; utilizing existing people and resources to maximise income.

What will I learn?
•Developing a fundraising plan for a fundraising activity
•Reviewing the fundraising environment; identifying appropriate fundraising opportunities
•Conducting a review of the performance of a past fundraising activity
•Establishing objectives, timescale, budget and appropriate fundraising techniques
•Discussing your fundraising plan with your line manager and other relevant colleagues/stakeholders and seek authorisation to go ahead as necessary
•Ensuring that any relevant legal and ethical requirements have been met and that (if appropriate) your plan takes into account your organisation’s policies and procedures.

Trainer profile
Karon Phillips has 20 years voluntary sector management and fundraising experience. In 2010 she founded Citrus Consultancy; and since then she has worked with a wide range of social welfare organisations including national and small local voluntary organisations.

Tuesday 14th March 2017, 1pm to 4pm. Tesco Bicester. £60 to £70.

Book Now: https://ocva.org.uk/developing-a-fundraising-plan/

For other information or for other upcoming courses: https://ocva.org.uk/future-training/