Community Action: MK was recently part of the MK:Smart Funding and Competitions Seminar 2017, held at UCMK.

This was an event planned at the continued efforts of MK:Smart to build on the hard work and time invested over the last 3-years. The event was held between 9.30am to 3.30pm with the main focus being continuing the wonderful projects and legacies created during this time.

In attendance were Transport Systems Catapult, Satellite Applications Catapult, Tech Mahindra, Crowdcube, UCMK and many more.

The speakers were brilliantly placed to inform potential investment seekers that there was more out there, within reach, than they knew about. The team from O2 were especially keen to promote young people contributing to innovation.

We would like to thank the organisers for allowing Community Action: MK to attend and have the opportunity to talk to local businesses and innovators.

Please contact Community Action: MK to learn more about the event and our volunteering, CSR, Our MK and CAPE projects.

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