Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes (RWMK) are currently recruiting eager organisations to help them with their “Just One House” initiative.

In 2016, they successfully kitted out five houses for five refugee families. Thanks to their supporters, they were able to utilise excess household goods, but, now they are focusing on welcoming more refugees into Milton Keynes and in order to do this they would like to enlist six organisations/ groups to help them. This would widen their circle and help increase involvement from all areas of the communities in Milton Keynes.

Currently, RWMK have successfully recruited three of the six groups. With families arriving in Spring, these three groups have already begun preparing for their arrival. The three new groups will be tasked with helping the families being welcomed in Autumn.

The idea is simple. All you need is hard work, motivation, a dedicated team and the ability to mobilise. RWMK will help guide you through the process using their experience and expertise.

The task will involve varied activities. You may need a place to store donations, be called upon to do some last minute DIY, cleaning, gardening etc and possibly even some fund raising for certain essentials.

Alternatively, you may choose to raise £3,500.00 and donate it towards “Just One House’ to RWMK, in which case their capable and skilled team would be able to make the necessary arrangements.

You could also help with setting the house up and ready for the family and if member groups are interested, they could apply to be BRC Volunteers, and once trained may then have the opportunity to meet the family they are helping and facilitate their settlement.

For more information, please contact Marie Gracie, Furnishing Co-ordinator for RWMK at