Your chance to help support community energy in Milton Keynes.

This Wednesday 29th March the students of Summerfield School in Bradwell Common will be re-enacting their performance about the ways of saving energy and living more sustainably, which was first showcased at the MK Community Energy Conference 2017 on Saturday 25th February at The Chrysalis Theatre.

Summerfield Students performing at MK Community Energy Conference on 25th February at The Chrysalis Theatre

The conference has helped to galvanise local interest in community energy, but work needs to continue to influence MK Council to meet the goals of the Community Energy Campaign run as part of Citizens: mk.
Cllr Peter Marland was present at MK Community Energy Conference, however he missed the opening performance by the students from Summerfield School. That is why the students have invited Cllr Marland to see a repeat of performance at their school this Wednesday at 2pm.

Call for support

The more people attend the conference, the stronger support will be shown for the campaign for community energy in Milton Keynes. If you are able to attend the performance, please get in touch with Marie Osborne on
To find out more about the community energy campaign run as part of Citizens:mk, click here.
Summerfield school 023

Summerfield School Students’ tour of the Energy World  houses earlier this year  – with Tim Skelton, the chair of MK Forum.

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