On Wednesday 19 April from 13:00-20:00, the Lakes Estate Residents Association will be holding a drop-in Energy Event at the Spotlight Centre. This forms part of their project funded by OurMK which focuses on Tackling Fuel Poverty on the Lakes Estate. Blankets will be handed out to children and vulnerable adults that are residents of Serpentine Court, there will be various opportunities to learn about reducing your energy bill and residents will be able to come and swap their current lightbulbs for energy-saving LED lightbulbs provided by MK Council.

The swapping of lightbulbs is one of the projects run by the Community Energy Platform for Energy (CAPE). Residents of the Lakes Estate will be able to sign up to CAPE and join the Council’s lightbulb-swapping project.


If you would like to be involved in this event or to find out more please contact Jessica at jessicam@communityactionmk.org