Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg is an energy efficient, self-sustaining art work and in the past has been a live workspace for the artist to observe and reflect on our relationship with nature.

Turner’s work often involves spending long periods in unusual and usually quite isolated places – noting changes in the relationship between human-made and natural environments. The Egg has featured George Clark’s Amazing Space, and the Egg and other artworks are currently on tour and will be ‘in residence’ on the Grand Union Canal at Stanton Low Park and Great Linford Manor Park for six weeks as part of the MK50 celebrations and to mark the start of the Stanton Low Public Art Commission.

Visitors are invited to see the exhibition inside and meet Stephen.

Location – Stanton Low Park and Great Linford Manor Park – 5th April – 14th May 2017
Community Preview – 1pm to 5pm – Sunday 2nd April 2017.

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