Making better choices today can have a huge influence on our health, and could prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and reduce our risk of suffering a stroke or living with dementia, disability and frailty in later life. But it’s not easy in our busy lives – tempting treats in easy reach, bigger portions for everything we eat and technology that allows us to shop, stay in touch and be entertained without ever having to leave the sofa. Modern life is ganging up on us.

One You is here to help you get back to a healthier you, supporting you to make simple changes towards a longer and happier life. You are not alone – One You can help you make small changes yourself, or with friends and family.

Take the free One You health quiz to see how you score and start the fight back to a healthier you.

Why not set yourself ONE goal this April to be active – walking briskly for 10 minutes every day improves your health. Download the Active 10 app to track the number of minutes you’re walking briskly!

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