Truby’s Tea Garden are a group of volunteers, led by muslim women, who use delicious food to give members of Milton Keynes’ community from different religions and cultures an opportunity to open dialogue, create interaction and raise awareness.

In the past, the group has used this opportunity to raise funds for different causes.

On this occasion, they are supporting a local charity who work with young carers. The work of carers can be emotionally and physically draining, so please come to show your support for them.

On this occasion, there will be new dishes on offer from Iran and Iraq.

The event will take place on

Saturday, 15th April
Guildhall, Christ on the Cornerstone Church,
300 Saxon Gate West,
Milton Keynes, MK9 2ES.

Please find below the promotional poster of the event and an article written by Peter Leeson can be found here.

2017 poster

They will also be fundraising for Refugees Welcome, who support the settlement of new Syrian families arriving in Milton Keynes in Autumn. There will be a special cake sale at the Citizens: MK Accountability Assembly on 25th April.