We’re sharing stories about amazing volunteers giving their time in Milton Keynes. This spotlight is on Yasmin Smyth, who is volunteering at Dogs for Good.

Yasmin is a puppy socialiser taking charge of a young puppy from 8 weeks old to 14 months old, ensuring they are confident when out and about when meeting people and other dogs/animals and know how to behave in any environment, and then having to hand them back to the charity when they are around 14months old. Yasmin also will look after some of our other pups and dogs when their assigned handler is on holiday or in hospital. On top of that, she is a dedicated fundraiser and registered speaker for the charity. She will cover for other registered speakers if they suddenly have to withdraw – even at very short notice. She will also take new volunteers under her wing helping them along, giving encouragement and then backing off allowing them to flourish. She is also the main co-ordinator of the charity’s Milton Keynes Supporters Group.

Yasmin has been involved with the charity for just over 10 years, initially as a puppy socialiser – her first pup, a yellow Labrador (Floyd) was back in 2006, and she is now on Puppy No. 9 a German Shepherd X Golden Retriever (Travis). She then began to get involved with fundraising/awareness raising in her immediate area; she was regularly to be found attending local fetes and events or helping with a charity collection day at the supermarket. Eventually, she helped to form the charity’s Milton Keynes Supporters’ Group which, at one point had over 12 members (plus dogs!). The Group is very active in the area and can respond to a request or opportunity with amazing speed thanks to having a strong co-ordinator in Yasmin. Yasmin is a first class registered speaker, puppy socialiser and all-round fundraiser that Dog for Good are proud to have.

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