About Nkiru Arts


Promoting African Arts in Milton Keynes, Nkiru Arts is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise, resident artistic associates at Festive Road, 28 Burners Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3HB. http://www.festiveroad.org/who-we-are/

Nkiru means ‘the best is yet to come’. Nkiru focusses on all aspects of African Arts: through drumming, dance, food, art, textiles and fashion.

Nkiru Arts continue to diversify to embrace all forms of ‘The Arts’ to complement people’s lives. Nkiru Arts’ activities provide supportive opportunities, training and work experience for volunteers.

Nkiru Arts founder and Artistic Director, Annie Beddoe, has been a resident of Milton Keynes for 30 years. Annie has a love and passion for African Arts; she is an African Drumming Instructor and an African Drum maker/repairer, a very rare skill, one of only half a dozen in the UK, and a most unusual craft for a white English woman too. Annie learned her skills as a drummer and drum maker from West African Masters and tutors. Annie is also a founder member of Moribayassa African Drumming Community Group, and has taught African Drumming in schools and led workshops in the community all over Milton Keynes for many years.

Nkiru Arts are experienced costume designers. Artistic Director Diann Chatfield will turn your ideas into costumes for whatever your event or needs such as performing, music, stage, theatre, school plays, costume ball or dance.

Annie Beddoe, Artistic Director

Image result for free jpeg drumAfrican Drumming weekly classes


Beginner African Drumming Classes every Wednesday 7.30pm-8.30pm, Improver Class 8.30pm -9.30pm £7.50 per class paid monthly in advance. Class drums provided. Free Parking.

Call or email Annie to book your place or for more information 07906 227097 email nkiruarts@btinternet.com

Venue Location: Festive Road, 28 Burners Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3HB. Free Parking.

Details also on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NkiruArts/

The Benefits of African Drumming

Inclusivity: Our classes and  workshops break down age, social and gender barriers. It’s a fun and accessible activity that everyone is drawn to and anyone can do.

Encouraging personal development: Anyone can beat on a drum, giving participants a great sense of competence, which in turn enhances self-esteem.

Stress Release: The physical benefits leave the body feeling invigorated but relaxed. At the same time a meditative experience is had which helps clear the mind of everyday stress and leaves the individual receptive to new ideas and challenges.

Promoting cooperation rather than competition: As an effective communication tool, drumming helps people realise their own contribution to the group. It highlights that everyone’s input, no matter how small, can make a marked difference to the success of a group.

Celebrating group success and synergy: By playing rhythms together as an ensemble, groups develop a powerful synergy and sense of unity.

Increasing immediate and sustained general well-being, happiness and energy levels

Drumming enables the participant to disengage from mental activity and brings participants 100% into the present moment, which gives a great deal of relief from mental stress and allows better focus and clarity.

Building team bonds and confidence: Motivation will increase through sharing creativity and listening to one another. Confidence in one’s self and in each other is strengthened which heightens trust and mutual respect.

Henna Body Art One Day Workshops

Saturday May 27th 2017 10am – 4pm henna

Saturday June 17th 2017 10am – 4pm

Always wanted to decorate your body?

Henna Body Art Day, you can get your hand, foot, arm, leg or any chosen body location, decorated for you with your choice design. The rest of the day you will be able to practice, using Henna cones, traditional Mehndi designs or a modern design, on paper, on yourself or on a friend. All materials provided and lunch and refreshments too. Henna can last anything from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on skin type and differs from person to person.

Small group size early booking essential to secure your place.

Call Annie to book 07906 227097 or email nkiruarts@btinternet.com

Not suitable for children. Not suitable if allergic to henna or have very sensitive skin.

Cost for Day £25 per person, includes all materials, lunch and refreshments. Free Parking.