How are other charities across the UK using digital? What are the skills gaps, and how do these affect the sustainability of the sector? How could digital help charities deal with the challenges it faces in 2017?

Digital is a huge buzzword in the charity sector at the moment yet little has been done to map the sector’s digital skills. We created the Charity Digital Skills Report to help charities understand how their peers are using digital so that they can benchmark how they compare. The results are an in-depth insight into charities’ hopes and fears for digital and what they think needs to happen for the sector to embrace it.

Almost 500 charities were surveyed for the report. Of them:

50% do not have a digital strategy
71% of charities cite their Board’s digital skills as low or needing improvement
73% of charities have not aligned their digital and organisational strategies.

For the full report and to gain a better understanding of the survey, please click here.