Please find below YourMK’s update on decisions on first area(s) for regeneration. The following is their statement:

On 26th April we will be able to communicate where regeneration work will start. This is an important step in regeneration but it is important to remember that this will not be the start of any building work.

Instead this will be the start of our process of community engagement.

We will spend time speaking to residents in the first area(s) to create the vision and plan for where they live. This process is called Masterplanning and will take around a year to develop with residents.

For the areas where we will not be working first, we will also give a timetable of when they will go through a similar exercise.

We still won’t have all the answers

When we communicate the first area(s) there will still be things that we don’t know and questions we can’t answer.

We will not know at this stage if demolition will occur. We will only know this once the plan has been approved following a year of consultation with residents.

Instead we will be able to share more details of how we will work with residents and how you can be involved in the process. We will also be able to share a timeline of this work.

In July we will have detailed information for residents about the process.

Communication with residents:

Residents living in the area(s) that will be engaged with first, will receive a letter explaining what this means and how they can be involved. This will arrive between 27th and 29th April.

All of our Communicators will receive an update on 26th April, either via email or face to face, that will outline the process and next steps in their area.

We will use social media to share this information to those who follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

The Community Team will be available at their regular times within communities to answer questions residents may have.

We will launch an updated website with information about the first area(s) and next steps, as well as updated FAQs here

Community Drop Ins

We will hold community drop in’s from 26th to 29th April for those who want to speak to us. The calendar of these will be published on social media and hard copies available in community hubs soon.




Rowans Family Centre

Moorfoot, Fullers Slade, MK11 2BD

Wednesday 26th April


Woughton Community Council Offices

Local Centre, Garraways, Coffee Hall MK6 5EG

Wednesday 26th April


Spurgeon’s Baptist Church,

Drayton Rd, Bletchley, MK2 3RR

Thursday 27th April


Rainbow Children’s Centre

Kingsfold, Bradville, MK13 7BQ

Thursday 27th April


Hedgerows Family Centre

Langland Rd, Netherfield, MK6 4NP

Thursday 27th April


Rowans Family Centre

Moorfoot, Fullers Slade, MK11 2BD

Friday 28th April


Hedgerows Family Centre

Langland Rd, Netherfield, MK6 4NP

Saturday 29th April


Bradville Hall

24 Mercers Drive, Bradville, MK13 7AY

Saturday 29th April


We want to thank all communicators for their time and effort helping us to share factual information about our work. Please do share this information with as many people as you can, and point them in our direction if they have any questions.

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