We’re sharing stories about amazing volunteers giving their time in Milton Keynes. This spotlight is on Sue Anderson, who is volunteering at MK Snap.

Sue supports our learners on a 1:1 basis within our IT and money management sessions. She works well with the tutors and suggests ways of making a difference to learners she works with. The variety of disabilities we deal with here at Snap means that you need to be very sensitive in how you approach working with our learners. Although Sue has not worked in this field prior to this, she has an amazing empathy and the patience to really help people move on and embrace learning.

Sue is committed and dedicated to volunteering at Snap. She really adds value to the sessions, the learners and is creative in suggesting things that might help when tutors are planning sessions. She travels from Bedford twice a week to help us and never lets us down. She is one of our most reliable volunteers and we really do value what she does for MK Snap. Volunteers like Sue can really make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities and they are the unsung heroes of our organisations. Sue is worth her weight in gold.

Sue is really flexible and if there is a change in the timetable or she is asked into another session or work with different learners, it is never a problem. She is popular with learners and staff and willing to have a go at anything. If she was looking for a job, I would snap her up ! We do thank our volunteers on a regular basis but this would be the icing on the cake if Sue could be recognised for her contribution to MK Snap.


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