On Wednesday 19 April from 13:00-20:00, the Lakes Residents Association held a drop-in Energy Event at the Spotlight Centre. The event was attended by Age UK Milton Keynes, Citizens Advice Bureau, the National Energy Foundation, Community Energy Platform for Energy (CAPE) and Swan Credit Union. The aim of the event was to engage with residents on their energy use and offer some advice to save money and energy.

The Lakes Residents Association was also handing out fleece blankets to children and vulnerable adults residing in Serpentine Court as it has been identified as an area of deprivation. This is part of their Our MK project funded by MK Smart, the OU and HEFCE to tackle fuel poverty on the Lakes Estate (See Tackling Fuel Poverty on the Lakes Estate on OurMK). About 100 blankets were handed out and the Residents Association also managed to collect further information about energy use and internet access on Serpentine Court.

The event was also used as an opportunity to sign people up to an LED light bulb swap project on the Community Energy Platform for Energy (CAPE). Over 200 LED light bulbs were handed out, which should result in an overall annual savings of over £50 per household and £1650 on the Lakes Estate (LED Bulbs specifications Apr 2017).

Over the next few weeks, we will be continuing to collect energy-related data from residents of Serpentine Court and handing out blankets to children and vulnerable adults. We will also be contacting those residents who joined the CAPE project and received light bulbs about furthering the project and the CAPE website.

If you would like to find out more or get involved please contact Jessica at jessicam@communityactionmk.org